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Call Super: Black Octagons

The formative sequence of releases for Houndstooth can now be objectively classified as a success. An inspired array of signings have reaped dividends; the electro-gothic Snow Ghosts have defied all expectations with their snowballing acclaim, and the recent previewing of Special Request‘s Soul Music long player had social media vibrating with anticipation. While the same could be said of the 12” side of Houndstooth, the best releases are those which maintain a constant vision, with the remix packages proving to be a bit of a lucky dip, mainly as they probe past the boundaries of restrictive genres into unpredictable territories. After providing the maiden release for Houndstooth, JR Seaton’s second outing on the label is utterly focused, delivering a hailstorm of electronic works.

Comprised of frosty and unruly elements, Seaton marshals “Informer” into shape like an expert musher, reigning in fragments of audio that constantly try to break line. Equally pleasingly, there is no such control afforded to “Dewsbury Severance”; the low sub kick envelops the entire track with electric fuzz, with melodic and percussive touches fading in and out of view, almost as if they are being tuned in through an ancient radio receiver. Rounding off the release is the taut electro of the title track itself, a breakneck ride that is the nearest you will ever come to being fired head first through fibre optic cable.

With the releases coming on weighty vinyl, complete with complementary WAVs, alongside the standard digital release, there is a care and attention to everything Houndstooth is doing. If their output is continually stamped with this seal of quality, along with maintaining a high calibre of content, then Houndstooth will rightfully take their place among the great go-to labels of choice.