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This is a portrait of two artists with an aptitude for fusing club tracks with experimental elements, synthesising each-other’s styles to create a temporary state of elevation, both direct and elusive.

Call Super: Fabric 92

Following on from Nina Kraviz’ frankly barnstorming mix, Joe Seaton’s attention to detail in sequencing and stand out visionary approach has created a mix to last the ages, best suited to those moments when daylight begins to colour the sky like a splash of milk into a strong Americano.

Call Super: New Life Tones

Call Super’s “New Life Tones” demonstrates Seaton’s lessons learnt in (de)constructing his album and ability to piece together the disparate influences of techno into new forms.

Ondo Fudd: Blue Dot

Flippant as it sounds, Seaton’s accomplishment in production keeps on growing to the extent where every release now comes with a “must have” status.

Best Tracks of 2015

It’s this time of the year again: Best of lists are back! You hate them, right? Well, don’t be such a grinch. This best tracks list’s only purpose is to dispense a tiny dose of what’s been, once again, a brilliant year for musical creation, with plenty more than just dozens of top-notch EPs and albums.

Call Super: Migrant

Call Super’s latest release, the two tracker of ‘Migrant’ and ‘Meltintu’, is yet another facet of Seaton’s capabilities, although it is one you may have already seen coming.

Call Super: Black Octagons

The formative sequence of releases for Houndstooth can now be objectively classified as a success. An inspired array of signings have reaped dividends; the electro-gothic Snow
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