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Ondo Fudd: Blue Dot

We’ve already talked about the evolution of Seaton’s sound since Suzi Ecto‘s dissection of his techno sound in 2014. This progression is true for his Ondo Fudd alias over on The Trilogy Tapes. The already diverse ‘Coup d’Etat‘ release has given way to ‘Blue Dot’, which has smoothed its predecessor’s jaunty angles down without removing any of its breadth. The title track itself shares the most common ground with ‘Suzi Ecto‘, being an ambient piece where oriental field samples take centre stage alongside a yearning clarinet solo. The supporting textural musical accompaniment takes the place of backdrop, stood away from these elements, present but detached.

Veto Plank‘ is the earthiest of the trio and demonstrates the knack of tying together elements that are not instantly obvious. There is the lynchpin groove that plays out on hollow wood, echoing classic Chi-town house in structure but worldly organic in nature. It is the most essential component here far beyond the usual domination of the kick metronome. With rigidity comes fluidity; the melody that pierces over the top could come from the simplistic genius of Kraftwerk, working hand in hand with the more complex fluid tones filling all the cracks in-between.


"Seaton's accomplishment in production keeps on growing to the extent
where every release now comes with a "must have" status."

Finally, ‘The Fludd‘ is an intriguing spin on a sunrise anthem. Caught a few months early as winter eases into spring, the sky is a pallid yellow instead of the overblown peacock splendour of its older brother. There is a sense of closure that runs through the track alongside a hint of uncertainty and unpredictability – leaving you feeling introverted, anxious, compelled – as there is with the weather in the early months of the year when compared to summer’s predictable blue sky consistency.

Where there is a pleasant break in consistency is the change of alias at the controls, allowing a break from the RSI inducing copy-pasta of “best Call Super release so far.” Flippant as it sounds, Seaton’s accomplishment in production keeps on growing to the extent where every release now comes with a “must have” status.

Blue Dot is out now, order a vinyl copy from The Trilogy Tapes.


A1. Blue Dot
A2. The Fludd
B. Veto Plank

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