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Call Super: Migrant

JR Seaton’s work on Houndstooth is as varied as it is consistent. Opening gambits “The Present Tense” and “Black Octagons” crackled with angular dark electricity, ‘Depicta‘ and ‘Acephale II were full throttled and compelling, and the culmination in last year’s “Suzi Ecto” long player was a stunning exercise in what techno can do once shorn of its driving kicks. His latest release, the two tracker of ‘Migrant‘ and ‘Meltintu‘, is yet another facet of Seaton’s capabilities, although it is one you may have already seen coming.

Appearing over on Mark Barrott’s blossoming International Feel, the Call Super remix took plaudits over an already accomplished pair of original tracks from Gonno. Far from the neon streaked anime-techno of Depicta, it hit on early nineties pastel sunset hues in the most emotional fashion. Followed by a similarly lush showing on Greek imprint Nous, this little body swerve feels almost as if “Suzi Ecto” was the drawing a the line in the sand, with Seaton emerging from the demands of the anticipated artist album, on an incredibly visible and respected platform, with a move away from explosive electronics towards the introspective.

Settle in and you’ll find that ‘Migrant‘ has the laid back fuzz of a Lobster Theremin release on top form, the twist being that it is drenched in the same cool tones as found on Suzi Ecto. Melodies, both structured and erratic in equal measure, ripple like a placid lake being disturbed by the onset of rain above. As if sweeping the haze away, ‘Meltintu is the shower in earnest, the melodic droplets falling more insistently,with more than a hint of the classic pre-Plaid days of The Black Dog to its composition.

With the release of an album often being a false summit, rather than confusedly ponder a next move, Seaton’s post-Suzi Ecto work is even more assured that what came before. Finding footholds with ease, he is at the top of his game.

Migrant is out now, order a vinyl copy from the Houndstooth webstore.


1. Migrant
2. Meltintu

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