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Martyn: Hello Darkness

Martyn’s sophomore LP, Ghost People, was an accomplished effort, showcasing vintage strands of house and techno. While it had occasional flashes of brilliance, such as ‘Masks’ and arguable centerpiece ‘We Are You In The Future’, it was an effort that left many expecting more, and has been somewhat forgotten, sadly, especially in the face of the innovation that came out around the same time (Rustie, Kuedo et al). The Dutch producer returns to Brainfeeder in the form of a new single, reinforced by shrewd remix choices that carry the release into stronger territory.

‘Hello Darkness’ doesn’t feel too dissimilar from the contents of Ghost People, and could slot into the album quite comfortably. It’s a good effort, containing the same cinematic flavour that was prevalent on the best the album had to offer. Its off-kilter, 2-step leaning drum pattern lays a reliable, satisfying foundation, allowing the synth-work to immediately grab your attention. It’s lively and has the crucial edge that was lacking on much of Ghost People.

There’s a point on L-Vis 1990 and Bok Bok’s remix when you think they’ve got to be taking the piss. The Nightslugs co-founders take on ‘Bauplan’ is unashamedly heavyweight, stripped back to within an inch of its life, isolated clicks accompanying the death-star howl that emanates intermittently. There’s initially little relation to the original minus the vocal cuts that punctuate the opening half, but about a third of the way through the vintage analogue melody line comes bursting through the darkness. It’s definitely one to listen out for on the floor.

3024 signee Redshape ends the package, boldly remixing what many considered to be Ghost People’s finest offering. His take on ‘We Are You In The Future’ is a thoughtful, contemplative foil to Martyn’s furious original, its melancholic strands developed into centrepieces. Redshape slowly introduces new points of interest until there’ a whirlwind of activity, flanger’s in full flow, that endlessly satisfying hook in the centre of it all.