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Vril: Haus

Vril continues to dumbfound with yet another loop-based release of stargazing, dubby techno with a fresh slice of ambient on the rim. Released with no prior announcement along with a couple repressing’s of past Giegling releases, ‘Haus’ fulfils the wish of those who’ve wanted to hear the now-legendary title track from the producer since it was slipped in over three years ago on his mix for Resident Advisor.

Haus’ the obvious highlight on the eponymous release, echoes the very best sentiments of Shinichi Atobe’s early work, the psychedelic dissociation of Prince of Denmark’s ‘8′, and dub leads straight out of the most melodic tracks from Porter Ricks. As far-fetched as it might be, small bits and pieces poke through the foggy murk of the mix to reveal synth parts that even call back to 90’s R&B with just enough swing to provide a groove that you absolutely can’t deny.

Don’t worry, there’s even more monolithic-yet-intimate production value to be found on the B-side with the sky-scraping ‘Riese’, a title that’s German for “giant.” Well, giant is no understatement, as it’s quite like the experience of taking off in an airplane the moment it lifts off. Filled with a subtle-yet-oppressive kick drum, the track takes us through the mind’s hallways in a journey that can only be described as sounding like what a view of the Swiss Alps looks like from a deep, green valley below if it could be translated directly to music.

The second B-side track, ‘Longius Astrum’, a Latin phrase that translates to something like “far heaven” or “further stars,” replies to the last cut with an understated rumble that grounds the entire affair back to planet Earth while still looking beyond the galaxy.

Even three years on, the fact that this release still sounds so immediate and fresh is a testament to Vril’s timelessness as a purveyor of bittersweet, emotional techno that shifts bodies and subverts the mind. Haus is phenomenal and anyone that says otherwise is a hater.

Haus is out now, order a copy from Giegling.


A. Haus
B1. Riese
B2. Longius Astrum

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