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Traumprinz continues to confound with two new triple LPs as DJ Healer & Prime Minister Of Doom

In one of the more mysterious encounters of the day, a message arrived in our Facebook inbox with the words “new Traumprinz material” and a link to the site All Possible Worlds. When entering the site, you are presented with a MS-DOS-like interface that prompts you with a simple “Continue? [Yn]”.

Typing ‘n’ takes you to a static image of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Typing ‘y’ causes a small ASCII shooting star to fly across before you are whisked to an order page. Two options are available: triple vinyl copies of DJ Healer’s ‘Nothing 2 Loose’ and Prime Minister of Doom’s ‘Mudshadow Propaganda.

Whether these are new Traumprinz projects, the beginnings of a new label and A&R journey, or even an elaborate April Fools prank is unknown. If it is the latter, then a full standing applause is due!

So far there are scant details to corroborate what the material is beyond a new Soundcloud account under the name Prime Minister of Doom and a new track on the Planet Uterus Soundcloud page entitled Sell Out. The track itself is simple ambient house, full of twinkling sine waves and Mario bounces.

Both vinyl sets are available now and are as anonymous as 2016’s ‘8.’ Don’t expect to have the luxury of listening to these before they disappear–it’s lucky dip time.

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