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Various Artists: Air Texture Volume II

CD 1 : loscil Selection
01 Brian McBride – At a Loss
02 Marcus Fischer – A Fifth Season
03 loscil – Else
04 Chris Herbert – Naimina
05 Pan American – Tx
06 Strategy – Frog City
07 Solo Andata – At Commissure
08 P Jørgensen – 401
09 Rob Bridgett – Field 3
10 Mitchell Akiyama – Dirge for the Canon

CD 2 : Rafael Anton Irisarri Selection
01 Marcus Fjellström – The Eroding (Fairytale Music 3)
02 Sawako – Hovering
03 Simon Scott – Modena
04 Library Tapes – Och natten andades redan under träden
05 Lissom – Hollow of Winter
06 Mokira – I love you pipecock
07 Benoît Pioulard – If I could possibly tell the difference, I wouldn’t care anyway
08 Eluvium – Sleeper
09 Kyle Bobby Dunn – La Passerelle de ses yeux
10 Rafael Anton Irisarri – Black days follow me around
11 Lawrence English – Cooperative Drift
12 bvdub – Surrender To Your Cold Embrace (feat. Wang Lijing & Lu Yan)

David Brown on S_W_Z_K

1. 31 Techniques
2. Dimanche Noir
3. Neukölln Mon Amour
4. Meatpackers Memorial
5. Marianne F
6. The Last Drop 
7. Elsenstr. 171
8. Classified Dub
9. End of the Line Old Boy
Deficit Dub (hidden track)


DeWalta, AKA David Koch, has pursued many sonic endeavors since his immersive musical upbringing, from symphony orchestras and improvisational jazz groups to his more recent explorations
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Blue Daisy

Too often in electronic music, artists are lauded for their evasion of genre placement, or their ability to incorporate conventions that are allied to a wide
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Christian Löffler: A Forest

Christian Löffler has a certain arboreal obsession permeating his music. From his stunning “Aspen” single that caught our ears earlier this year, named for “a certain
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Pariah: Rift

1. Rift
2. Signal Loss
3. Among Those Metal Trees


Cassegrain is the collaborative force of Red Bull Music Academy Alumni Alex Tsiridis and Hüseyin Evirgen, who’ve had a busy year so far with much-lauded releases
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Various Artists: Aaron-Carl Tribute EP

1. Aaron Carl Remix
2. Ebb & Flow Mix – Joe’s Roundabout Mix
3. Pirahnahead – Red Planet Mix
4. Agnes – Sabres of Relief Mixx
5. Achterbahn D’Amour Remix (Iron Curtis & Edit Piafra)
6. Baaz Remix
7. Suburb – Hang Ups and Let Downs Mix

Claro Intelecto: Reform Club

A1. Reformed
A2. Blind Side
B1. Still Here
B2. It’s Getting Late
C1. Scriptease
C2. Control
D1. Night Of The Maniac
D2. Quiet Life
X1. Old Station Park
X2. Heart (Warehouse Mix)

Kodiak: Spreo Superbus

1. Spreo Superbus
2. Spreo Superbus (Actress Remix)
3. Spreo Superbus (Girl Unit Remix)