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Ben Bondy lines up ‘Glans Intercum’ LP on West Mineral Ltd.

Following the release of his split ‘Aphelion Lash‘ LP, together with exael in 2020, Brooklyn-based artist Ben Bondy marks his return to Brian Leeds’ (Huerco S.) imprint with the announcement of his forthcoming solo album named ‘Glans Intercum‘.

Consisting of eight tracks, Bondy offers up a mass of widescreen electronics, abstract experimentations and amorphic electronics, boldly expanding West Mineral Ltd‘s discography. Highlights include ‘Ash In Emerald Casting‘, ‘Drip on Nape‘ and ‘Ven‘.

‘Glans Intercum’ is scheduled for release sometime in July via West Mineral Ltd. Listen to clips below. 


A1. Rest
A2. Ash in Emerald Casting
A3. Spangled (With Stella)
A4. Drip on Nape
B1. Ven
B2. 2404 (With Stella)
B3. Skizz
B4. Glans Intercum