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Win a 5-piece vinyl box from Field Records feat. Scott Monteith, ENA, Sugai Ken, L’estasi Dell’oro


Christmas is upon us and to celebrate, Field Records have kindly compiled an assortment of LP’s and EP’s from their genre hustling back-catalogue for three lucky readers to win. Three vinyl boxes are on offer, each containing five releases, competition requirements detailed below.

First up is the last in the series of their Various Artist releases from their earlier days as a more techno slanted outfit. These are increasingly harder to find, with this particular offering containing tracks from Artefakt, Delta Funktionen, R-A-G, Metropolis, and Roswell Return. Prime Dutch talent.

L’estasi Dell’oro debuted on Field Records as part of a three-part album series together with D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. and Kartei. Following this was the ‘I Look Upon Nature While I Live In A Steel City‘ LP, which combined frosty ambience and hanging reverbs to great effect.

Bastion of dub techno Scott Monteith then contributed to the label. Breaking from his usual house and techno orientated Deadbeat alias, ‘Qawwali Quatsch‘ with an album of shimmering textures, just fit for this time of year.

ENA ‘Bridge‘ was an album that launched with an Inverted Audio premiere. Originally created for a documentary of the same name, it married unusual textures and rhythmic structures in order to toy with the inner metronome.

Finally, you may remember reading about Sugai Ken’s ‘Tone River’ recently. If not, this is a perfect opportunity to head back to listen to a passage from one of Field Records most distinctive releases to date.

*To enter, complete your details below or via this Google Form and hit submit. Competition ends Friday 18 December. Winners will be notified via email.



Field 10 – Various Artists (EP)
Field 14 – L’estasi Dell’oro ‎– I Look Upon Nature While I Live In A Steel City (2×12″)
Field 24 – Scott Monteith- Qawwali Quatsch (LP)
Field 27 – ENA – Bridge (LP)
Field 30 – Sugai Ken – Tone River (LP)