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Field Records mix by Norman Nodge

Bookending the festive period nicely and concluding our Mixcloud based series of Field Records mixes, we present Ostgut Ton favourite Norman Nodge as the final mix of five.

The series mining Field Records archive was initially spurred by the inability of the label to upload to Soundcloud, falling foul of their copyright algorithm. Ironically, it spanned a series of events where Soundcloud abandoned the copyrighting for DJ mixes, and then a realisation that the altruistic free reign was not quite as free as initially thought. While a good excuse for a wry commentary on events, lets not forget the core of it all – forward thinking and timeless mixes for some of our scene’s most enduring names.


"The final mix in the Inverted Audio and Field Records collaboration,
was also coincidentally the final mix in the series original airing.
It defined a vision for a label looking to think more broadly
within the confines of techno in the future."

When tackling his turn at the controls, Normal wanted to convey the different moods and styles he moves through when opening at Berghain. Ambient which is sometimes beautiful and sometimes dissonant, downtempo and electro moods, sections that verge on uplifting synth pop – it’s unexpected, especially if your benchmark is already set through exposure through his Berghain and Fabric mixes.

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