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Conforce: Escapism

1. Revolt DX
2. Escapism
3. Elude
4. Lonely Run
5. Shadows Of The Invisible
6. Timelapse
7. Within
8. Aquinas Control
9. Ominous
10. Diversion

Various Artists: IOTDXI


1. Pariah – Safehouses
2. Model 500 – OFI (Bullion’s rivertrance mix)
3. The Chain – Lostwithiel
4. Lone – Coreshine Voodoo
5. James Blake – CMYK
6. Pariah – Orpheus
7. Untold – Stereo Freeze
8. James Blake – I Only Know (What I Know Now)
9. Cloud Boat – Lions On The Beach
10. Blawan – Bohla
11. Space Dimension Controller – Transatlantic Landing Bay
12. Vondelpark – Camels

CD2 (Exclusive Tracks)

1. Space Dimension Controller – The Birth Of A Feeling
2. Lone – Cobra
3. Blawan – Shader
4. Pariah – Left Unsaid
5. Bullion – Ralph
6. Klaus – Tarry
7. Untold – U-29
8. The Chain – Suffer For Your Art
9. Pariah – Orpheus (Oneohtrix Point Never subliminal cops edit)
10. Airhead – Lightmeters

The Field

‘Looping State Of Mind’ continues the legacy that The Field began when Axel Willner invited Dan Enqvist and multi-instrumentalist Andreas Söderstrom to turn his hitherto singular
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Wolfgang Voigt

We caught up with Wolfgang Voigt to discuss his relationship with popular culture, American Abstract Expressionism, Kompakt, his various monikers and musical projects and how he
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Svarte Greiner

The first of our two part mix series in collaboration with the London based festival of post-digital culture, Alpha-ville 2011. Svarte Greiner is a dark ambient
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The Sight Below

In 2008 The Sight Below released his debut album ‘Glider‘ on Ghostly International. Since then it’s been well-received in selected experimental/ambient circles and in the music
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Dadub is an electronic music duo formed by Daniele Antezza and Giovanni Conti. They are focused on the production of electronic music that fuses together ambient,
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Red Snapper

Red Snapper is to be considered by many as one of the most forward thinking and intuitive live / electronic fusion bands of the past 2
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Eskmo: We Got More/Moving Glowstream

1. We Got More [Video Edit]
2. Moving Glowstream [Amon Tobin Remix]
3. Moving Glowstream [Slugabed Remix]
4. We Got More [Throwing Snow Remix]
5. We Got More [Kilon Tek Remix]
6. We Got More [Loops Haunt 35K^^0 Remix]
7. Moving Glowstream [Savile’s K-House Mix]


South London’s Klaus (AKA Nick Sigsworth) makes music that effortlessly straddles the ambient and experimental regions of the dubstep spectrum. drawing comparisons to the likes of
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Seekae are a three-piece electronic outfit from Sydney, Australia. Since releasing their debut long player ‘The Sound Of Trees Falling On People‘ they’ve been building themselves
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Seekae: +Dome

1. Go
2. 3
3. Blood Bank
4. Reset Head
5. Mingus
6. Underling
7. Gnor
8. Two
9. Yodal
10. Rock’s Performance
11. +DOME
12. You’ll