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DAMH: Black Night

DAMH have released one of the classiest house and pop EPs in recent times, polishing their tracks like gems, crafting the whole with such finesse that it leaves you asking for more. Superb.

Actress: Ghettoville

As a reviewer tasked with picking apart the numerous enigmatic strands of Actress’ fourth and potentially final record, it’s tempting to cross-examine it with that infuriatingly cryptic
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Leibniz is the production alias of 23 year old Moritz Leibniz. Originally from the small town of Dillingen in Bavaria, Moritz shifted from his classical piano roots
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The Midnight Snacks EP marks the debut of the Reading-based ‘sound generating organism’ known more frequently as Stanky. Released via London’s Shades Records, the EP explores
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Shigeto: No Better Time Than Now

1. First Saturn Return
2. Detroit Part 1
3. Ringleader
4. Perfect Crime
5. Olivia
6. Miss U
7. Ritual Howl
8. Soul Searching
9. Safe In Here
10. No Better Time Than Now
11. Silver Lining


Pulshar are an electronic duo made up of Aphro Sainz and Pablo Bolivar. They’ve been working together melding atmospheric dubbed out electronic music for the past
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Flying Lotus: Until The Quiet Comes

1. All In
2. Getting There feat. Niki Randa
3. Until the Colours Come
4. Heave(n)
5. Tiny Tortures
6. All the Secrets
7. Sultan’s Request
8. Putty Boy Strut
9. See Thru to U feat. Erykah Badu
10. Until the Quiet Comes
11. DMT Song feat. Thundercat
12. The Nightcaller
13. Only if You Wanna
14. Electric Candyman feat. Thom Yorke
15. Hunger feat. Niki Randa
16. Phantasm feat. Laura Darlington
17. me Yesterday//Corded
18. Dream to Me

Kutmah presents Worldwide Family Vol.2

1. Mo Kolours -Ridda Mountain
2. Groundislava – Creeper Shit
3. ESMK – Blunt Hopes
4. Seven Davis Jr. – Thanks
5. Slugabed Sex
6. Sam Irl & Ritornell Three
7. Dibia$e – Remind Me Somethin
8. Hudson Mohawke – Are You Feelin’ Hot
9. Tehbis Higher
10. Lapti – Leaving Home
11. Shash’U LA
12. The Darkhorsemen – Taking Over Empires
13. Samiyam Medallion
14. Mono/Poly – With Grace
15. Bruce Haack – Ancient Mariner (Jonwayne Remix)
16. Tadd Mullinix – Exchanging Modes
17. Flying Lotus Samsfav
18. Dakim Typeofblue
19. Doc Daneeka & Abigail Wyles Tobyjug
20. Gaby Hernandez – Twin Flame


Lord RAJA is the latest musical project from the New York based producer Chester Anand. Despite being just nineteen years of age, Anand has developed his
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Kwala: Projectionss EP

1. Introductionss
2. Tobias
3. Aquarius Machine Co.
4. Interlude (Fall Is Approaching)
5. Listening to a Flute in Yellow Crane Pavillion
6. Para Salin


When Modeselektor got introduced to the music of eLan, they immediately fell for his beat-smith mastery, it resulted in him being welcomed to Monkeytown Records and
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