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Danuel Tate: Mexican Hotbox

1. Mexican Hotbox
2. Big Spender
3. If I Want To
4. Careful Mind
5. OK Then
6. California Can Can
7. Shooting Blanks
8. I’ll Be Your Whatever
9. Cinnamon Sugar
10. Populatio
11. City Kids

Walls: Gaberdine Remixe

1. Gaberdine (Infant Mix)
2. Gaberdine (Shuffle Truffle’s Epic Stoner Mix)
3. Gaberdine (Nathan Fake Ambient Version)
4. Gaberdine (Nathan Fake Long Mix)
5. Gaberdine (Radiant Dragon Mix)


Our fourteenth exclusive IA MIX comes from Brothertiger AKA John Jagos . John produces music that is much akin to the summery chill-wave sounds of Toro
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Kenton Slash Demon

Our 12th IA mix comes from Kenton Slash Demon, otherwise known as Jonas Kenton and Silas Moldenhawer, two young gents who also form half of the
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Lefse Records

Our eleventh IA mix comes from the guys behind Lefse Records. Label boss Matt has recorded a seamless mixtape for IA based on the tracks he’s
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FUR & Coyote Clean Up: Lackadaisical EP

1. HorizonzZz – FUR
2. Clears Throat – FUR
3. Swymnastyx – FUR
4. Lackadaisical (Coyote Clean Up Dub) – FUR
5. Take It Like A Champ – Coyote Clean UP
6. Bad Blackberry – Coyote Clean Up
7. Don’t Worry Dub (w_ Orphan) – Coyote Clean Up
8. Lackadaisical Luv XXX F U 2 (FUR RMX)

Singing Statues

Our inaugural IA MIX comes from Singing Statues aka Ben Thomas, Jackhigh, BNJMN 141 and Rewolf. We’ve been listening to Ben’s music for a while now
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