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Map.ache lines up second album ‘Vom Ende bis zum Anfang’ on Giegling

German producer Map.ache, real name Jan Barich, is set to release his second album. Earlier this week, Giegling’s web store was updated with represses of Vril’s most recent ‘Haus‘ EP, ATEQ’s ‘Sig‘ EP, and Kettenkarussell’s ‘Easy Listening‘ LP as well as Map.ache’s forthcoming album.

It has been six years since Map.ache released his gorgeous debut album ‘Ulfo‘ on his own imprint KANN, which he runs in conjunction with Sevensol (Alex Neuschulz) and Bender (Dennis Knoof). Inspired by the death of his father and the birth of his son, ‘Vom Ende bis zum Anfang‘ is an emotional response featuring 12 new tracks spread across three slabs of vinyl with an appropriately sentimental photo on the cover to match the bittersweet, euphoric mood.

The hotly anticipated project notably kicks off with the long sought-after club anthem “Seis,” which was played at recent Giegling events and at the Georgian Parliament protests earlier this year. “Dream / Awake,” released as a music video on August 1st, refracts the influence of Chicago’s early 2000s post-rock scene with a Map.ache twist.

‘Vom Ende bis zum Anfang’ LP is available to order direct from Giegling.


A1. Seis
A2. Dream / Awake
B1. Loosing is not an Option
B2. Errante
C1. Friden
C2. Birthday 2.0
D1. Homerun
D2. Haus without Walls
E1. Copy Love
E2. You need the Devil
F1. Salus
F2. Arruve

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