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Earth Trax: The Sensual World

"The Sensual World is an exploratory effort of all of life's nuances mixed
into singular tracks through electronic music's finest genres, rendering
some truly magical moments"

Life springs open and boxes forward, so wipe those crusts out ya eye, and pasties out ya mouth, the universe keeps expanding, with Earth Trax’s new album ‘The Sensual World‘ going through sonic palettes like seasons in the year.

The LP shows Bartosz Kruczyński aka Earth Trax brush up his production in a formula direction, Bartosz is certainly no stranger to creating quality content in what shall be called… a point in time we’d all like to flurry away from – rave please? And The Sensual World is an exploratory effort of all of life’s nuances mixed into singular tracks through electronic music’s finest genres, rendering some truly magical moments.

With a rip-roaring opener in ‘Metal‘, the first glimpse in the album where we taste acid and industrial elements, you are taken out of hand to a guttural steely place, unsure of what’s going to happen next. And it’s here where everything begins to unravel, as ‘Metal‘ fades out, and ‘Dream Pop‘ begins, through the uplifting melodies and steady building beats, everything starts to melt.

Using what’s reminiscent of trance-esque harmonies, and well edited vocal patterns of a seemingly long lost lover, at once attainable yet still so far, ‘Dream Pop‘ and similarly the follow up ‘Nowhere‘ both play in the euphoria – where are you my babycakes, come out of the ether?

And it’s in this flow, where Sensual World begins to take shape. Weaving through the highs, the lows and the genres, there’s a subtlety to the changes, unlike the snow in Andalucía. From the energetic trickle of synths in ‘Fireflies‘ and the acid timeeeeeee of ‘No Doubt‘ and ‘Fade‘, drip drip dripping onto your tie-dye shirts, more and more moments are crafted in the album to sink your teeth into.

”They say one man’s joy, is another man’s sorrow”… The dubbier notes of ‘Dreams Made Flesh‘ and ‘Dazed‘, move into techno that’s designed to move heels sideways on the dancefloor like ‘Splash‘ and ‘Pearl‘, the latter of which plays into drifting further out to space, setting up the outro ‘Everlong‘ like NASA did UFO’s, and thus the album is closed up cleaner than the rug pull of SQUID.

Produced in the same time frame as LP1 & LP2, just veering off in a different, yet enjoyable direction, this will be Earth Trax’s third LP released on Shall Not Fade‘s expansive label, and with a summer of fun about to unfold, you won’t be remiss from hearing these tracks at the festivals, but that also means Bartosz goes through more albums in a pandemic, than Watford goes through managers… just with better form.

‘The Sensual World’ is scheduled for release 20 May via Shall Not Fade. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Metal
2. Dream Pop
3. Nowhere
4. Fireflies
5. No Doubt
6. Fade
7. Dazed
8. Dreams Made Flesh
9. Splash
10. Pearl
11. Everlong
12. Digital 1. Metal (Radio Mix)
13. Digital 2. Dream Pop (Radio Mix)