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Top Tracks: September 2014

It’s the beginning of Autumn and leaves are beginning to fall, so we thought we’d start a new series of monthly features compiling our top tracks of the month, in the format of a YouTube mixtape for you to listen to and share with your friends.

As the wintry weather slowly begins to unfold, here’s our first melting-pot of both heavy and delicate, sensuous yet hard-knocked sonic madness to warm up your hearts. Let’s celebrate September’s finest!

Visually, we couldn’t think of anyone better to provide a pictorial hook than Caravaggio’s “San Gerolamo“. Combining utterly sublime composition and chiaroscuro to provide a musical paradox for the best tracks of September 2014.

Below we’ve provided a brief summary of each track:



1.  Traumprinz ‘All The Things’ [Giegling]

After the beautiful ‘Mothercave’ LP, Traumprinz returns on Giegling with a gem of a plate. “Don’t cry, even when the road is hard.” Anthem.

2.  Aphex Twin ‘minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]’ [Warp]

Aphex Twin. Period. > Read the IA review

3.  Lee Gamble ‘Motor System’ [PAN]

Stomping techno killer from the man behind ‘Koch’. Best album of the year. > Read the IA review

4.  Gunnar Haslam ‘Dunsinane Hill’ [Delsin]

Gunnar Haslam has stepped up his game quite seriously in just a year of activity and Ataxia No Logos proves if needed that Morelli definitely has a sixth sense for unearthing exciting new talents.

5.  Rrose ‘Drowned by Sight’ [Stroboscopic Artefacts]

Obscure and hard-hitting material in pure Rrose style. Syncopated, stunning machine.

6.  Roman Flügel ‘We Have a Nice Life’ [Dial]

A perfectly orchestrated piece of bubbling atmospherics and forward-thinking electronic music. If you haven’t a nice life, at least you have Roman Flügel. > Read the IA review

7.  Moiré ‘Attitude’ [Werkdiscs]

All good in the hood. Moiré’s sensuous soundscapes on full effect. A sonic medusa’s stare. > Read the IA review

8.  SHXCXCHCXSH ‘This Hmming Raverie’ [Avian]

SHXCXCHCXSH, son of YHWH. Unpronounceable techno goodness. Lord have mercy on us. > Read the IA review

9.  Airhead ‘Macondo’ [Hemlock]

A sizzling and limping Super-computer Golem brought to life. Airhead’s on fire.

10.  Call Super ‘Hoax Eye’ [Houndstooth]

Superb tracks from one of the most daring producers out there at the moment. Both moving and danceable, Hoax Eye is a beauty.

11.  Ital ‘Endgame’ [Planet Mu]

Excellent album from Ital all the way. An alliance of intelligence and sensitivity spoken in binary codes. Essential.

12.  DNGLS ‘Vultura’ [Anemone Recordings]

Remember 2001: A Space Odyssey? Monkeys throwing a bone in the air, black monolith and half-primal half-hi-tech crossover ? Well, monkeys would have rocked that tune if only they had invented the ghetto blaster first.

13.  Andrea ‘Draine’ [Ilian Tape]

Shuffling techno and mellifluous soarings from Andrea. Finest club material.

14.  Orphx ‘What Will Burn’ [Sonic Groove]

What will burn. I think he’s talking about your turntable.

15.  Bruce ‘Just Getting Started’ [Livity Sound]

If Bruce is just getting started, what will we become. Leg-slicing bass seasoned with brick-hard kicks. Body’s aching.

16.  Objekt ‘Ganzfeld’ [Leisure System]

Objekt sounding like Aphex on steroids crossed with some old-school funky, distorted bass-lines. Insane mix.

17.  Marquis Hawkes ‘Tunnel’ [Crème Organization]

Marquis Hawkes’ one and only groove science at its best. A tunnel you won’t wish to see the end of.

18.  Tripeo ‘Nargy’ [Clone]

Tripeo’s entry in the Clone Basement Series doesn’t disappoint. A pure techno brain-melter supported by a swing from hell. Most-asked-for track in his recent sets finally made available. Hurray!

19.  Kwartz ‘Form and Void’ [Pole Recordings]

Form and Void. The title says it all. An industrial storm, clean and sharp. Implacable.

20.  Omar S ‘Muthafuk’ka’ [FXHE]

The Detroit legend Omar S is back with an high-on-acid, unflinching ride. Always on point!

Artwork by Caravaggio ‘San Gerolamo’ (1605-1606).


1. Traumprinz – All The Things
2. Aphex Twin – minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]
3. Lee Gamble – Motor System
4. Gunnar Haslam – Dunsinane Hill
5. Rrose – Drowned by Sight
6. Roman Fluegel – We Have A Nice Life
7. Moiré – Attitude
8. SHXCXCHCXSH – This Hmming Raverie
9. Airhead – Macondo
10. Call Super – Hoax Eye
11. Ital – Endgame
12. DNGLS – Vultura (Original Mix)
13. Andrea – Draine
14. Orphx – What Will Burn
15. Bruce – Just Getting Started
16. Objekt – Ganzfeld
17. Marquis Hawkes – Tunnel
18. Tripeo – Nargy
19. Kwartz – Form And Void
20. Omar-S – This Muthafuk’ka


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