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Marcel Dettmann: Dettmann

1. Quasi (Intro)
2. Argon
3. Screen
4. Motive
5. Drawing
6. Reticle
7. Irritant
8. Captivate
9. Silex
10. Home
11. Viscous
12. Taris (Outro)

Pop Ambient 2010

2010 marks the tenth instalment of the Pop Ambient series and before I get stuck into this review, this edition is by far one of the
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Deadbeat: Radio Rothko

As the label copy states, it has been 10 years since Scott Monteith quietly launched his Deadbeat music project, and since that time his contribution to
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Clark: Growls Garden

Chris Clark has released a new EP “Growls Garden”; it consists of 6 tracks and is exclusively available through from the 23rd March. Here are
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