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Jun Kamoda: The Clay EP

This is by no means a shy debut and Kamoda has clearly sought to embody the friendly, funky and hedonistic fervour of a Mister Saturday/Sunday party with three full on bangers all at peak time tempos.

Nu Guinea: The Tony Allen Experiments

Extending the wide-ranging savoir faire of illustrious afrobeat pulse-machine Tony Allen with a fresh blend of retro-laced and path-clearing vision, Nu Guinea’s debut long-player stands as an original creation in its own right.

BAR: L.A. Düsseldorf

If ‘Welcome to Bar’ offered a beguiling seven-track slab brewing mellifluous kraut tropes with heliotropic synth-pop in a fragile – road movie style, black and white scenario, this remix EP awakens its delicate melodies with particular class.

The Pilotwings: Molitor 71

‘Molitor 71’ hits the mark with force and self-restraint, offering a taste of transcendental music that’s no short of splendid.

Mall Grab

Mall Grab serves up a disco-house mix and discusses his breakthrough year punctuated with three compelling lo-fi bangers on a variety of record labels including the ever-tasteful 1080p imprint.

Labels Lost: The Disco Roots of Gherkin Records

Champion producer Frankie Knuckles to the enigmatic Larry Heard; Prescription Records boss Ron Trent to techno demigod Derrick May. In just four short years the Gherkin Records discography reads like a Who’s Who of Chicago house history, yet the imprint shut up shop in 1991 and disappeared without a trace. Jack Pepper interviews Brett Wilcots.