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The multi-talented Vienna-based selector dishes out a first-class mix high on floor-aimed bumpy house, ravey climaxes and disco-fueled groovers. Serious bithnith!

Lipelis: Edits

Russian producer Lipelis emerges on L.I.E.S. with a tasty three-tracker of smooth-sailing, disco-sweating edits. One of the most compelling output released by the Long Island stable in recent times.

Nebraska: Stand Your Ground

After a four year hiatus Ali Gibbs returns under his Nebraska moniker dropping not one but two platters of sun-streaked material that should enchant many summer parties out there.

Live At Robert Johnson: Lifesaver Compilation 2

Lifesaver 2 is the second calling card from Live At Robert Johnson, the bi-monthly club night at the Frankfurt club / label, allow me to take you on a whirlwind tour of the movers and shakers here.

Aérea Negrot

Ahead of Aérea Negrot’s performance at Berlin Festival this September we caught up with the singer to discuss growing up in Venezuela, relocating to Berlin, meeting Ellen Allien, releasing music on BPitch Control and her forthcoming album.

Thomash: Candomble

‘Candomble’ sounds like it was sourced from the organic sounds of Brazil, be it the rainforest tones of the title track itself or the low key street café vibe of ‘Calango Fumando Palha’, all harvested by Thomash and served up with a twist.