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DJ Heny G

Malcolm Gustave remains one of the unsung emissaries of early ‘Dubstep’ innovation, supporting the future stars of the scene, working closely with a tight knit group
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Scratcha DVA

If your finger is on the pulse of electronic music you may have noticed a name that has consistently appeared in most of its incarnations over
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Beneath: Illusions

A1 Prangin
B1 Blonde
B2 Wonz
C1 Illusion
D1 Tribulation
D2 Concrete Jungle (Yardman Riddim feat. Jamakabi) (Beneath’s 350 Remix)

Pangaea: Release

Pangaea is most arresting when he delivers club cuts that drag in unexpected directions. Hex, from last year’s Hemlock release, was perhaps the greatest distillation of
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J:Kenzo has been a main stay on the Dubstep scene for many years now. Not one for theatrics or hype, his rise through the ranks has
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J:Kenzo: J:Kenzo

1. Statement Of Intent
2. Eyes Wide Open feat. Rihanna
3. Semtex
4. Invaderz
5. Ruff House feat. Rod Azlan
6. No Man’s Land feat. Footsie
7. Reconstruct
8. Contagion
9. Body Heat
10. Ironclad
11. Holocron

Mala In Cuba

We caught up with the legendary Mala, co-founder of dubstep progenitor DMZ and the superb Deep Medi label, at the listening party for his much-hyped new
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Matt Watt, the man behind the dark, technical beats of dubstep behemoth Killawatt, takes prolificacy to a new level. Blessed with an irrepressible creative flow spawning
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Project Mooncircle

For our 70th IA MIX we invited Gordon Gieseking, label founder and co-owner of Project: Mooncircle, Project Squared and Finest Ego to record a mix. Gordon has
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XI: Joy/Fear

1. Joy Pain Fear Hate
2. Nightlif
3. Antikythera

Icicle: Rinse:19

1. Icicle – Intro
2. Icicle – Deep Tech
3. Locked Groove – Centraal
4. Icicle – Kick in the B
5. Distance – Searching
6. Spinline – Monday Luv
7. J. Robinson – The Maasai
8. Icicle – Together in the Dust
9. Proxima – Grunge
10. Icicle – Acid Step
11. Sleeper & District – Terraformed
12. Youngsta – Untitled
13. Proxima – Brainstem
14. Killawatt – Centipede Effect
15. Icicle – BNC
16. Clarity – Other Sights
17. Rockwell – The Rain
18. Spinline – Alien
19. Sabre – Halo Danger
20. Icicle – Full Moon


Formed back in 2006 by ‘Mala‘, one third of the original DMZ line-up, ‘Deep Medi‘ has remained a steadfast ambassador of dubstep, releasing deeply meditative dubplates that
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LHF: Keepers Of The Light

CD 1
1. No Fixed Abode – Secret Lagoon
2. Amen Ra – Steelz
3. Amen Ra – Candy Rain
4. No Fixed Abode – Sunset (Mumbai Slum Edition)
5. Amen Ra – Essence Investigation
6. Double Helix – Supreme Architecture
7. Double Helix – LDN
8. Double Helix – Rush
9. Low Density Matter – Questions
10. Low Density Matter – Blue Steel
11. Amen Ra – Simple Things
12. Amen Ra – Low Maintenance

CD 2
1. No Fixed Abode – Strangelands
2. Amen Ra – From Whence We Came
3. Amen Ra – Broken Glass
4. No Fixed Abode – Indian Street Slang
5. Amen Ra – Fairytales
6. Amen Ra – Akashic Visions
7. Amen Ra – Hidden Life Force 2
8. Double Helix – No Worries
9. Double Helix – Bass 2 Dark
10. Double Helix – Chamber Of Light
11. Double Helix – Inferno
12. Double Helix – Deep Life
13. Double Helix – Voyages
14. Amen Ra – One Toke Wonder