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Premiere: Nebulo – Rules

Following on from the first episode of his ‘Safari Suites’ released last year via Parisian label Odd Frequencies, Nebulo steps up with the second volume of his heavy-battered jungle trek on the boundary-pushing Seagrave, bursting the frontiers between brain music and intuitive body language through eight cuts of dense, archaic techno outbursts.

Sordid Sound System: Lux Exterior

Mixing dub with the kind of cosmic dance floor work outs you might hear at Sean Johnston and Andy Weatherall’s ‘A Love from Outer Space’, each track features a seemingly effortless piecing together of myriad ideas.

Kilchhofer: Dersu

Marionette’s fourth release arrives from Swiss producer Benjamin Kilchhofer, better known for his work on Holger under the alias Timoka. The sounds of ’Dersu’ derive from modular synth patches and Kilchhofer’s own field recordings, continuing Marionette’s association with idiosyncratic melodies and analogue overtones.

Best Albums of 2015

From hallucinogenic ambient techno to jazz-infused electronic and bold lo-fi house groovers onto unearthly deep-house gems, these are our favourite albums of 2015.

Sa Pa: Fuubutsushi

A brittle, broken audio hallucinogen – mixing the outside world with the club and creating a compelling netherworld in the process.

Laurine Frost : A Fading Virtue By Passing Time

Frost is a producer with an ear for unusual compositions and Marionette a platform for those with ambitious vision. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another year until we hear what Marionette have for us next.

Lifted: 1

Lifted’s debut is the rare album, which feels purely next-level, like music beamed from an idealised future. And on its best moments, like Mint or the sparkling chill of closer Medicated Yoga, that future is very jazzy indeed.