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Best Extended Players of 2019

Following the release of the Best Albums of 2019, we now turn our attention to the trusty format of the EP, drilling down what we consider to be the Best Extended Players of 2019.

Anthony Rother

There are few names as established and respected in the genres of electro and techno than Anthony Rother. His appeal is remarkably broad, with his productions
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Frag Maddin: Mistress 13

Mistress 13 is a delightfully sprightly session on a label that has often been dusty and understated in tone.

Look Like

Dial back to earlier in the year and you’ll see that our long running appreciation of DVS1’s Mistress Recordings imprint hit a fresh high with an entry from Zurich’s Club Zunkunft resident Look Like. After exchanging a few appreciative words since Mistress 09, we managed to lock down the normally low-key producer for a mix session and quick-fire interview for Inverted Audio.

Look Like: Mistress 09

It is fair to say that the ninth Mistress Recordings release is their most laid back to date. This isn’t to say there isn’t heft to it, that there is, but it is certainly a lot more considered in its approach and part of this is that it comes from Zurich’s Club Zunkunft resident Look Like.

Juxta Position

As a DJ, Juxta Position is more focussed on one type of sound compared to the eclecticism of Marquis Hawkes. We caught up with the man behind the two aliases to discuss how got involved with DVS1’s Mistress Recordings and his music.


Liverpool based producer ASOK serves up over an hours worth of techno and talks us through releasing music on Aroy Dee’s MOS Recordings, DVS1’s Mistress Recordings and his own imprint ‘Scenery’.

Various Artists: Mistress 5

Across all three 12″s, there’s no moment that cannot be described as solid, a testament to Mistress’ A&R and confirming their status as a label of consistent quality.

Best Tracks of 2014

2014 has been a year of outstanding releases. From first order, accomplished musicians to new coming talents, it’s time for us to unveil the best tracks of the year.