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Helm: Olympic Mess

‘Experimental’ music often fails to relate to any tangible experience. Compositions are marvelled at for their imagination, academic brilliance or technical wizardry, but fail to connect beyond that. With Olympic Mess, Younger has succeeded in capturing a time and a place, using murky intensity to document modern London.

Best Record Labels of 2014

From experimental to club extents, soft-tempered house material to the murkiest of techno beats and grooves, the following selection is aimed to provide you with the finest record labels of 2014.

Best Vinyl Artwork of 2014

Vinyl artwork is a conductor element in the way we perceive music, therefore here is our selection of the ten best vinyl artworks of 2014.

Best Albums of 2014

Vanguard, dark, excessive, fun, bold, touching, innovative, game-changing…it’s time for us to announce our album of the year.

Best Music Videos of 2014

We’ve selected a compendium of 2014’s best music videos, from delicate and hypnotic visuals to dark atmospheres, the videos we’ve selected give you a glimpse of the large range of audio-visual combinations we had the fortune to watch this year.

Best Tracks of 2014

2014 has been a year of outstanding releases. From first order, accomplished musicians to new coming talents, it’s time for us to unveil the best tracks of the year.

Objekt: Flatland

It is challenging, it is experimental, it is fractured and skittish. It is brazen in some places, and indirect in others…However the album triumphs primarily in its achievement of every great LP’s lofty ambition: to walk a tightrope between diversity and cogency.

Lee Gamble: KOCH

As with ‘Diversions 1994-96’ and ‘Dutch Tvashar Plumes’ this is absolutely an album of deconstruction – stripping the genres of jungle and techno, treating them as if musical cadavers and dissecting, reconstructing.

M.E.S.H. : Scythians EP

M.E.S.H. plays with a downright weird combination of genres that in less able hands would fall apart at the seams yet here gains multiple listens in an attempt to fathom its obscure depths.

Valerio Tricoli: Miseri Lares

The focus of the album is sound, pure and simple. Both musical and non-musical sources are treated as equal objects to be manipulated into a new expression.