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Listen back to Inverted Audio on Netil Radio – June 2020

The June edition of the Inverted Audio residency on Netil Radio featured an hour of ambient, experimental, and futuristic dubwise music, before ramping up a gear in the second half for an hour of techno, electro and dancefloor music.

Featuring new releases and upcoming gems, Freddie Hudson guides listeners through a choice selection featuring some of our recently featured artists; Photay, S.O.N.S & Naone, Tresque, and Sugar. Keep a look out for upcoming features and articles with Odin Kaban, Skudge, Estebahn and Avsluta.

Lastly, we’d like to correct ourselves – Corridor Audio is a Ukrainian label, not a Croatian one. Sorry about that!


1. DJ Python – Pia [Incienso]
2. Kayla Painter – Blood Orange Beach [Self Released]
3. Photay – Fanfire for 7.83 Hz [Forthcoming Mexican Summer]
4. Croatian Amor – Yoyogi Park [Forthcoming Posh Isolation]
5. Odin Kaban – Asking Machines Life Lessons [Forthcoming Cinco Cinclos Records]
6. SØS Gunver Ryberg – Solar Flare [Whities]
7. SRS – Spit Fossil [Forthcoming Bokeh Versions]
8. Vallmo – Elephant [Northern Electronics]
9. Nkisi – stars are fading [Self-Released]
10. The Advent – Work Dat [From Kern Vol. 5 Mixed by Helena Hauff]
11. Flore – Coded Language [Forthcoming 3Phaz Remix] [Polaar]
12. John Beltram – Euphoric Dream Ocean [Forthcoming Delsin]
13. Tetelepta – Sassoon [Forthcoming Indigo Aera AEX Series]
14. Tresque – Rauheit [-OUS]
15. Shaw & Grossfeldt – Klavier mf [Drone]
16. Ribé & Boddika – Fusion [Forthcoming Nonplus]
17. Skudge – Function [Forthcoming Skudge Records]
18. The Exaltics & Heinrich Mueller – Microwave Photon [Forthcoming Solar One]
19. Endless Mow – Insect [Forthcoming Mega Metal]
20. Museum – GGG [Forthcoming Tape]
21. Low Budget Aliens – Hazardous Waste Pump [XPQ?]
22. Evigt Mörker – Stege [Northern Electronics]
23. Walton – FX_625 [Ilian Tape]
24. Warlock – Shock Headed [Forthcoming Craigie Knowes]
25. Estebahn – The Northern Line [Forthcoming Brainwaves]
26. S.O.N.S & Naone – Project One [S.O.N.S]
27. Sugar – Crack The Whip [Kulør]
28. Christian Coiffeur – Bassbenderz Theme [12” Remasterz]
29. Vaxoid – Azimuth [Corridor Audio]
30. Avsluta – Hatsu Yume [Forthcoming Mega Metal]