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Boliden: Surfaces

Chances are that the new album “Surfaces” by Barcelona based producer Boliden will be one of the most beautiful albums released this year. More importantly than that though, it is an album which gets deeper with each listen, placing it well outside any simple genre or vibe categorisation.

Demdike Stare: Wonderland

More than anything in their catalogue, Wonderland is rooted in the history of dance music, taking rhythms, grooves and structures from across the club spectrum. These beats however, have been mangled, tangled and twisted into weird new shapes.

Yves Tumor: Serpent Music

Serpent Music, the new album by Mykki Banco associate Yves Tumor, may only feature lyrics on a few of its tracks, but it somehow manages to convey a painfully vivid narrative. A diverse collage of sound that lurches from meditative to viscerally evocative.

Dan Hayhurst: Critter Party

Where Sculpture come across as a kaleidoscopic exaggeration of our media saturated milieu: audio collage, noise and sleek techno built into a strange overdriven universe, Critter Party latches onto the human at the centre of it.

Abu AMA: Arabxo Ishara

“Arabxo Ishara” by Abu Ama isn’t a political work of art. It’s simply an album of electronic music – samples, beats and rumbling bass. Through it’s collage style production however, it somehow captures all that’s good about living in a culturally diverse community, locally and globally.

Beatrice Dillon / Karen Gwyer

The new Beatrice Dillon / Karen Gwyer split is a study in the ways a track can be pulled apart and reconstructed, a split release that does that rare thing of presenting two artists sonically distinct but somehow connected through concept.

Graham Dunning: Auxon

Auxon is the first recorded documentation of Graham Dunning’s Mechanical Techno set up. Part installation, part hardware rave system…layers of vinyls spinning on record player axles are used to bash contact mics or trigger drum machines and synths, which are mixed and manipulated live.

Klara Lewis: Too

Shifting from stark ambience to unsettling rhythms, Lewis has taken familiar sounds and experiences, and turned them into something completely her own.

IORI: Cold Radiance

Cold Radiance is a series of reflections on the nature of space – from the cold to the radiant. It’s a soundtrack like work, which isn’t afraid to show two sides of an idea, the light and the dark, the living and the empty.

Tim Hecker: Love Streams

Whether it’s a result of people’s tastes becoming more diverse in the wake of file sharing, or decades of extreme music lowering the threshold of what’s considered ‘a bit too weird’, the outcome is clear. Albums such as Love Streams no longer have to be judged solely by the niche standards of experimental music.

Anna Homler and Steve Moshier: Breadwoman & Other Tales

First released in 1985, the collaboration between conceptual artist Anna Homler and experimental composer Steve Moshier took a piece of performance art out of the gallery and translated it to a permanent, universal medium.

Steve Hauschildt: Where All Is Fled

“Where All is Fled” is an album that sounds like it has formed from months of intricate work, deep consideration and obsessive tweaking.