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Clark on his eponymous album

Clark talks about his 4 month long album writing process in a barn near Lincolnshire, acquiring re-edits from Marcel Dettmann and Pariah, working with Vincent Oliver on ‘Superscope’, incorporating contemporary dance into his live shows and how he thinks his music has progressed over the years.

Son of Sun

Son of Sun is a collaboration between Love Fever label boss Sheff Allam and head-honcho of Voyeurhythm Records, Tyson Ballard. We caught up with the duo to discover more about their working relationship and how they split their time in the studio.

Baba Stiltz Mix Tape: TOTAL

Baba Stiltz discusses his new album ‘TOTAL’ released on Studio Barnhus and selects his top 10 YouTube videos, including Beetle Juice snorting coke, the fall of Vanilla Ice and a Korean chicken noodle soup recipe.