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Vril: Anima Mundi

This is straight up space music: aliens, black holes, astronauts, star ships. Contained are absolutely massive beats and bottomless synth pads. ‘Anima Mundi’ is acidic, burning away the rust to reveal the shiny underbelly of a rocket ship headed to a distant solar system. This is true stargazing music, made for asking the biggest questions of our existence.

Various Artists: Studio Barnhus Volym 1

Studio Barnhus Volym 1 is a quintessential representation of Studio Barnhus quirky, carefree and joyful sound – nothing less than a treasure for the lovers of the Stockholm label.

1800HaightStreet: Endless

Hype itself is a devious beast, which can toy with perception, especially with regards to helping you internally over-selling, say, a sprawling eight vinyl monster as a landmark as you succumb to its fever. With that in mind, coming into ‘Endless’ blind was a delightful experience, both through an unexpected surprise and also knowing that all appreciation was untainted.

GAS: Narkopop

Narkopop captures the juxtaposition of the forest, the infinitely complex eco-system which when looked at from a far seems awe-inspiringly uniform.

Various Artists: Moon Rock Volume 4

Moon Rock Volume 4 is possibly the best chill out compilation you can get that is also committed to vinyl. Eternally comfortable to just slip into, it befits chilly early mornings as much as it does a hazy afternoon.

Rave In The Blood: Jamie Russell reflects on 10 years of Hypercolour

To celebrate Hypercolour’s ten years of cheerful dance activism, Jamie Russell and his crew gathered the cream of the crop of their collaborators for a very special compilation. We seized the occasion to have a chat with Jamie and discuss the label’s past, present and future.

Grant: Cranks

Grant deftly dances over the old adage of the “difficult second album”, following up 2015’s ‘The Acrobat’ in quite some style.

Premiere: Aleksi Perälä – UK74R1512110

Tonally, it’s easy to pitch the Colundi Sequence as the logical successor to Aphex Twin’s Polygon Window alias, but you can easily point the finger of inspiration towards anything from Jeff Mills to Thom Yorke. Premiering on the Inverted Audio channels, we are happy to bring you the lead track from ‘The Colundi Sequence Vol. 1’ as a taster.

Death In Vegas: Transmission

Fans of Death In Vegas’ early output may find this album too static and repetitious, however anyone with a penchant for visceral techno and atmospheric electronica is likely to disagree fervently with such an appraisal. For an intense listening experience, Transmission certainly delivers.