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Following the release of Reflections EP on Spectral Sound, Canadian producer Nautiluss takes to the Inverted Audio mix series with a vinyl mix straight off the cuff. Warmth and vibrancy in abundance, this is something you want while the sun spends its day hugging the horizon.

S.O.N.S: Shinjuku One Night Stand

After making quite a splash with the widely praised inaugural transmission of the T.O.K.Y.O series, released via his own eponymous imprint two years ago, mysterious producer S.O.N.S is back with the just as massive ‘Shinjuku One Night Stand’ – a six-track double pack larded with acidic salvos, augmented jungle moves and irruptive laser-battle gunnery.

Premiere: Asymmetrical – Banging In The Haze

Asymmetrical ‘Banging In The Haze‘ is a dusty jam brimming with raw hi-hats twirling along acidic synths. Marking the transition from a busy night to the caressing light of dawn, a celestial and smooth melody takes over darkness and deploys its wings towards welcoming lo-fi house lands; still exuding a metallic aftertaste of down-pitched breaks, muffled drums and magnetic bleeps.

Benedikt Frey

Benedikt Frey pays tribute to the past, present and future of dance music in this weeks mix through an enticing mosaic of 90s-infused breakbeat, industrial, acid and grim techno. We also had a chat to discuss production methods, influences and releases.

Bill Converse: Warehouse Invocation

Following the release of Bill Converse’s stand out album in January, his latest 4-track EP on Dark Entries is enthralling from the the off, there is little, if any, to fault.

Various Artists: I Love Acid 10

With previous entries easily selling out their appropriate quantity of 808 copies, this isn’t so much a place to jump in to get acquainted, more a place to get on before you are left behind completely.

Graham Dunning: Auxon

Auxon is the first recorded documentation of Graham Dunning’s Mechanical Techno set up. Part installation, part hardware rave system…layers of vinyls spinning on record player axles are used to bash contact mics or trigger drum machines and synths, which are mixed and manipulated live.

Premiere: Antonio ‘Clara’

Antonio EP features some seriously raw acid techno tonalities as in his first release on UN.T.O, ranging from ‘Danger’s’ apocalyptic melody to the minimalistic fast kick of ‘Rpk’. Today we’re premiering the electro tornado ‘Clara’.

Best Releases: April 2016

Our April roundup is here and all set to disclose some of the past month’s finest fragrances! The selection makes for a bracing shower of hefty floor artillery, washed-out smooth sailers and other shady night hunters. Get locked!

HOLOVR: Trace Realm EP

Jimmy Billingham’s new effort ‘Trace Realm‘ is just as much of an introspective journey as it offers more expressive, outgoing combinations. Brushing a vibrant mosaic brimming with chopped-up keyboard chords and volatile acid-drenched arpeggios, the Rephlex vibe is here and banging, summoning the ghosts of Bochum Welt and Dave Monolith without striking the old-school-savvy pose.

R-Zone: R-Zone 16

There is a sense that R-Zone is continuing to mature where it could have embraced a niche, flourished and withered, resulting in a label that is now consistently surprising and enthralling with each new release.