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J. Albert talks up his debut EP as DJ Osom

Inaugurating his new DJ Osom alias, which he describes as the epitome of “free” and a way to have “more control over my name”, J. Albert delivers a proper mind-altering slice of overboiling electronics, packed to the rim with sweltering extraterrestrial ambiences and sizzling acid chords hunting in packs. Stream the record in full within.

S.O.N.S: Shimokitazawa One Night Stand

Third in the ‘One Night Stand’ series, ‘Shimokitazawa ONS’ perpetuates the sonic identity established by the first couple EPs, letting S.O.N.S’ sure shot amalgams of organic ambientisms, ayahuasca-fueled multivision scope and supple groovy flexions do the talk in splendid fashion.

Black Merlin: Phase One

Needless to say George Thompson has been on fire as of late. If you check in on a regular basis at your local record store you’ll have noticed his omnipresence both on the shelves and in a flurry of DJ bags altogether. After a host of compelling transmissions on Island Of The Gods, Berceuse Heroique and Jealous God, Black Merlin takes back his magic wand for a two-track brain melter on Rotterdam’s finest Pinkman.


Lisbon-based producer Violet is actively promoting Portuguese music through Rádio Quântica, a radio station she co-founded alongside her partner in crime Photonz. In our interview Violet discusses her subtle craft and delivers a captivating mix of acid beats, swinging house and rugged techno.