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Patricia: Bem Inventory

‘Bem Inventory’ does certainly more than hitting the mark, it puts Ravitz’s body of work on a long-term footing that few producers can boast about reaching.

J-Zbel: How I Made My Mom & Sis’ My Sexbot Slaves

With its chopped-up percussive groovers and hat-laden shufflers ready to set ablaze any sleepy dancefloor, this debut EP from the mysterious J-Zbel entity doesn’t fail at pushing things even further in terms of old-school brute-force.


Having recently laid down his philosophy on what a DJ does on XLR8R and debuted at Berghain, we’ve been lucky enough to have a chat with Kevin McHugh and secure a mix in his LA-4A mindset.


We’re pleased to introduce you to UNO NYC’s latest artist ‘Malcolm’ with this exclusive free download of GIVEITAWAY14, a solid piece of half-immersed dancefloor music for tepid audiences.

Sabre: Morning Worship

You realise there is little to criticise, bar the way that Royal Oak is quickly becoming a dominating force on the bank accounts of avid vinyl buyers worldwide. But with quality like this, how can you say no to each and every release?

AFX: User48736353001

Kone-R offers his view on User48736353001’s uploads to Soundcloud, in what could be considered the most unexpected turn of events in UK electronic music history.