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We caught up with “the label honcho with a poncho” Hugo Capablanca to find out more about his fizzy and multicolour sonic realm full of unconventional stories and now richer of a debut EP, ‘Lap Top Less Dance’.

Sacha Mambo

With Macadam Mambo’s 5 year anniversary approaching, we look back at the label’s history and further projects as Sacha digs deep into his well-furnished crates and back catalogue, brushing a compelling and groovy portrait of a label that’s always on the move.

Unearthing Lost Treasures: Isle Of Jura

After ten years at Tsuba, Kevin Griffiths moved on to fully dedicate his time and energy to reissuing highly sought-after gems and long-lost treasures. With two benchmark represses out in 2016, amongst which Escape From New York’s Fire In My Heart, the end of year was about the perfect time to catch up for a chat and discuss his first year at the helm of Isle Of Jura, selection methods and reissue process.