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Private Eyes: Mirror Image/Anasazi

Following a similar path to Interstellar Funk’s recent gem ‘Caves Of Steel’ as remixed by Convextion, Olf’s newest venture as Private Eyes – featuring Jeroen – is a matter of cosmic, analogue-heavy greatness tailored for full-scope space vistas.

X.I: Last Waves

Imagine Giorgio Moroder boarding KITT, the face stroken through by thick black sunglasses, moustache gleaming and synth blazing as the red-hot sun sinks beyond the horizon. Aussie producer X.I lands on Mind Records with an EP that just as convincingly explicits his ability at melding a serious art of the groove and a superior sense for well-built atmospherics.

S.O.N.S: Shinjuku One Night Stand

After making quite a splash with the widely praised inaugural transmission of the T.O.K.Y.O series, released via his own eponymous imprint two years ago, mysterious producer S.O.N.S is back with the just as massive ‘Shinjuku One Night Stand’ – a six-track double pack larded with acidic salvos, augmented jungle moves and irruptive laser-battle gunnery.

Johannes Reigner: Hilbert Space Remixes

‘Hilbert Space’ feels like one of those archival discoveries, released low key in the nineties and never dislodged from the collections of those intrepid jocks lucky enough to stumble upon it in some overlooked indie shop. From the second it hits your eardrums it sounds well-worn with warm familiarity, yet not over saturated through pastiche.

Premiere: Glass Figure – Nowhere

Vocoder blazing and synth arpeggios glancing off, the Drexciyan title-track whizzes at mega light speed like a space-traveling vessel flashes across fields of asteroids, in search for a new planet to colonise. You’re in for a treat.

Premiere: Javi Redondo – Narcotic Luv

Back on Jennifer Cardini’s label with ‘Hammocks Go West’, a three-track cosmic epic giving full vent to an infectious solution of quirky disco grooves, raucous technoid modulations and straight up funky staccato riffs, Redondo demonstrates the extent of his production skills with an ever-bold take on club functionality. Stream the italo-inflected ‘Narcotic Luv’ within.

Karamika: BAU002

Here we find Karamika continuing their chaotic exploration of raw, obsessive kraut and industrial motifs. Like walking the last corridor to the big boss’ dungeon in a vintage platform game, it’ll leave you both excited to outdo your own egotistic self and afraid at getting back to the real world. Get strange.