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IA MIX 2012

Electronic music has always represented, and been represented by, a wildly diverse and dynamic culture of artists, fans, and commentators, and 2012 has been no exception.
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Ahead of Powell’s DJ set tonight at Plastic People for Behind This Wall, we sat down with Oscar Powell to discover more about his unique approach
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1. Carlos NiÒo & Friends – Mezame (Awakening) featuring Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
2. Arts The Beatdoctor – IL404 (fLako Remix) (Exclusive) From upcoming ‘Lazy Thunder” EP
3. fLako – Mating Dance (Exclusive) From upcoming ‘Eclosure’ EP via ‘Five Easy Pieces’
4. Joel Vandroogenbroeck & W. Rockman – Goatherd
5. Misel Quitno – Get Up Its Crumblingday
6. DATA70 – Test Tubes (Dirg Edit)
7. James Zoo – Slaves Mass
8. Airto Moreira – M„e Cambina
9. ES (Sami S‰np‰kkil‰) – Les Fleurs Sont des Bonnes Auditrices
10. Misel Quitno – Treehouse Leaves Blowing
11. Sonnymoon – Watersboiled
12. Brigitte Fontaine – Il se passe des choses
13. Misel Quitno – Pull It Out Somewhen
14. Soosh – Too Soon (fLako Remix) (Exclusive) From upcoming ‘Soosh’ EP via Up My Alley
15. fLako – Hole In The Dark (Exclusive) From upcoming ‘Hit+Run’ presents ‘Road Kill Vol.3’
16. Crescent – Our River
17. fLako & Brokenchord- Come Back As A Flower
18. Violeta Parra – Gracias A La Vid

Vladislav Delay: Kuopio

1. Vastaa
2. Hetkonen
3. Avanne
4. Kellute
5. Osottava
6. Kulkee
7. Marsila
8. Hitto
9. Kuuluuko

Dino Sabatini: Shaman’s Path

1. Prophecy
2. Soul Capture
3. Trance State
4. Ritual
5. Vision quest
6. Extraction
7. Totem
8. White Witch
9. Parallel Perception
10. Icaro

The Gaslamp Killer: Flange Face

1. Flange Face (With Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
2. Flange Face (Low End Theory Edit)
3. Seven Years Bad Luck For Fun (Ft. Dimlite)

Pariah: Rift

1. Rift
2. Signal Loss
3. Among Those Metal Trees


Cassegrain is the collaborative force of Red Bull Music Academy Alumni Alex Tsiridis and Hüseyin Evirgen, who’ve had a busy year so far with much-lauded releases
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Dntel is the work of Jimmy Tamborello, a producer based in California who’s responsible for the Postal Service and the electropop outfit Figurine. On June 4th
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Slugabed: Time Team

1. New Worlds
2. Sex
3. All This Time
4. Moonbeam Rider
5. Trave Sweets
6. Unicorn Suplex
7. Dragon Drums
8. Mountains Come Out Of The Sky
9. Grandma Paints Nice
10.Climbing A Tree
11. Earth Claps
12. It’s When The Future Falls Plop On Your Head

Actress: R.I.P.

“On “R.I.P.” Actress has pushed his boundaries a little further than they’ve been previously, but the result is that once again we must ask the question
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Bennett Kuhn, a lanky 23-year-old from New York with lots of love for cats and subwoofers among other things, is currently hard at work on a
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