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This week’s mix is a long time coming – so much so that we thought that the mere thought of it existing was just a fleeting dream in the forests of our mind – but lo and behold – the one and only Shed has stepped up to provide a sensational mix.

Mix Tape: Cosmin TRG

Cosmin TRG discusses playing back to back with Efdemin ahead of Make Me this Saturday at Corsica Studio and puts together a mix tape featuring music from STL, Planetary Assault System, Rrose, Truss, Porter Ricks and more.

Truncate: Pressurize EP

Truncate’s ‘Pressurize EP’ on 50 Weapons not only reveals great design and execution, but indicates that Truncate’s artistic barriers are yet to be reached.

Benjamin Damage: Heliosphere

1. Laika
2. 010x
3. Delirium Tremens
4. Extrusion
5. Together
6. Spirals
7. End Days
8. Light Year
9. Swarm
10. Heliopause

Shed: The Killer

Rene Pawlowitz returns with his third album under his Shed moniker, this time on Modeselektor‘s 50Weapons imprint following two well received sets for Ostgut Ton. “The
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Anstam: Dispel Dances

1. Watching The Ships Go Down
2. Bitten By The Snake
4. Stone Cold Hug
5. Handsome Talks The Talk
6. I Shouldn’t Even Be Here
7. In The Bull Run
8. Statical
9. Black Friesian Monoliths
10. Say My Name


When Modeselektor got introduced to the music of eLan, they immediately fell for his beat-smith mastery, it resulted in him being welcomed to Monkeytown Records and
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Few artists hold quite such a dear place in are hearts as Shed. His ability to consistently approach his productions with such an experimental nature –
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