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Shinichi Atobe: Heat

Atobe certainly brought his A-game to the table on his most danceable record yet. Heat features all of the sonic touchstones that we’ve come to expect from his music and capitalizes on the best moments from the almost 20 years we’ve known him to exist.

DJ Koze: Knock Knock

On his new album, Koze explores a more psychedelic, layered sound palette, with each song sounding even richer than his last album, Amygdala. Knock Knock is like taking a bite of a handcrafted dark chocolate bar–equally bitter and sweet at the same time, a perfect blend of rawness and craft.

Music Video: Bézier – Entr’acte

Tying the music of Bézier with images of a figureless desert where organic shapes and saturated colours weave a fascinating canvas of quietude and eternity, Charles Ludeke delivers his compelling vision of ‘Entr’acte’, lifted from the San Francisco-based producer’s debut album on Dark Entries.

S.O.N.S: Shin-Okubo One Night Stand

Cinematic yet danceable, undecidedly appealed by Everestian heights all the while traveling the infra-world with eagle vision, this new outing further asserts S.O.N.S as a sure-handed producer with an unparalleled knack for crafting this subtle melange of micro-organic technoid scapes and extra wide-angle compositions.