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Pauline Anna Strom: Trans​-​Millenia Music

Trans-Millennia Music is a collision of the personal and the universal. A record made in an apartment that documents an artist constantly striving to reach beyond the boundaries of her reality.

Bibio: Phantom Brickworks

Recently prone to immaculately produced ’80s smooth jams (The Serious EP) we must admit that it’s with a touch of trepidation that we fire up “Phantom Brickworks”, Bibio’s latest long player on Warp Records. However, true to form, Wilkinson surprises with an about turn focus on deeply pensive and emotive ambience.

Ninos Du Brasil: Vida Eterna

Ninos Du Brasil show us another side to the tropics, a darker, more claustrophobic and chaotic landscape where the visceral fight for survival is a daily reality. Vida Eterna feels as though it takes place on the rainforest floor, in a dark and dank place full of the menace of the wild.

Low Jack and Ethan Assouline talk up ‘An American Hero’

Over the years Philippe Hallais aka Low Jack has quickly become a key player in the realm of off-kilter techno and boundary-pushing electronics. A few weeks ago he released his new album on Modern Love, ‘An American Hero’ featuring a special string of short videos by visual artist Ethan Assouline. We caught up with both artists to discuss this nascent collaboration.

Michael Mayer: DJ Kicks

Michael Mayer’s DJ Kicks mix is a tapestry of atmospheric soundscapes, uplifting electro pop remixes, ethereal melodies, wonky psychedelic disco and darker techno…when it comes to dreamy dance floor moments that are supremely selected and sequenced, few can match the Cologne tastemaker.