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Koehler: Dynasty

The Bristol based producer drops a terrific mix of pressurised beats and deep breaks with the same touch of madness that characterises his sound.

Deep House Introspective IV: Recondite – On Acid

In the fourth part of our Deep House Introspective series, Tom Faber examines the use of the 303 bass synthesiser in Recondite’s debut album ‘On Acid’ released in 2012 on Acid Test, sister label of Absurd Recordings.

Ceephax: Cro Magnox

1. Cooling Ponds (Drowning)
2. National Grid
3. Winterlo
4. Natural Spectrum
5. Memory Lake
6. Camelot Science
7. Transcontinental Power Lines
8. Cro Magnox
9. Quincy’s Classic
10. Imperial Lounge (Maximillion)
11. Voyage Of Excellox
12. Cobra Mist (Pylon Emotions)
13. Flight Of The Condor
14. Reactor
15. Newhaven Lights
16. Forest Zone 303
17. Voyage Of Excellox (Original)
18. Cobra Mist (Sidstation Version)


The US city of Chicago is revered the world over for producing a stream of incredible underground musical talent. Now add m50 to that list. With a
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Ulrich Schnauss

Ahead of his highly anticipated Acid/Bleep DJ set at the Inverted Audio & 44 Christmas Party, we are proud to present the 44th IA mix from Ulrich
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UNO is an independent record label based in New York run by Charles Damga. In the time that UNO has existed, this small label has harnessed
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