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Zenker Brothers look back at 10 years of Ilian Tape

With the release of their new compilation – A Decade Ilian Tape – featuring artists from past, present…or just stopping by (Hi, “Seelow”) – the Zenker Brothers have provided Inverted Audio with an excellent primer of the label’s catalogue.

Complete Walkthru: Social Security

After a gargantuan first try on Vancouver’s 1080p, Max McFerren returns as Complete Walkthru for a pyrotechnic session with the equally non-didactic ‘Social Security’, a second ten-track album released today via the New Yorker’s newly-launched eponymous label. Stream + Free DL of ‘Ya Gonna Die’ within.

DJ bwin

With their debut split about to drop via First Second Label, the timing felt ideal to invite Leipzig-via-Hamburg duo DJ bwin over for a little mixing session. The result defies gravity with its intense mashup of old school hip-hop, convulsive breakbeat, hi-NRG house and screwed electronics.

DJ Normal 4 + Luca Lozano

DJ Normal 4 + Luca Lozano unleash gusty hails of fast-hitting drums, catchy hooks and shredding breaks all wrapped in one, geared to smashing up the most milk-warm dancefloors out there.

Demdike Stare: Wonderland

More than anything in their catalogue, Wonderland is rooted in the history of dance music, taking rhythms, grooves and structures from across the club spectrum. These beats however, have been mangled, tangled and twisted into weird new shapes.

The Pilotwings: Les Portes Du Brionnais

After an adulterous excursion on Macadam Mambo, Lyon-based duo The Pilotwings return to BFDM with ‘Les Portes Du Brionnais’, an eleven-track debut LP exploring a wide range of styles including syncopated weed-stank grooves, zouk and Japanese exotica motifs as well as other cosmic oddities.

Luca Lozano / Ruf Dug: Massive 1

For the first number of Junglish Massive, Klasse Recordings boss Luca Lozano summons Rüf Kutz honcho Ruf Dug. A lethal combo on paper that reveals just as satisfying when the needle hits the groove. We’re not quite sure whether Junglish Massive will be exclusively coming in the form of such collaborations but one thing’s sure, ‘Massive 1’ sets exemplary standards.

Various Artists: A Fiction Universe (EP Stream)

On 4th November Dutch imprint Taped Artifact will inaugurate their debut VA compilation, which we’re no short of excited to share with you in full. The four-track ‘A Fiction Universe‘ gathers contributions from Allergy Season’s Physical Therapy, Italian duo Hiver, Arnemann and Elmer – the techno project of Bepotel members Sagat and Walrus.