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Stefan Betke reflects on his new Pole album ‘Wald’

8 years in the making and Stefan Betke’s new Pole album ‘Wald’ is finally released today. To celebrate we caught up with the German producer / mastering engineer to discuss the makings of his stunning new album.

Jam City: Dream A Garden

The reserve and normality of Dream A Garden render it an unsatisfying outer by-product of Jam City’s inner shift. The ideas are fresh and daunting but ask this incredibly talented artist to further shape them into a body of cohesive new aesthetics.

Howes x Sam Newell: Crease Fusion

We spoke to the producer ‘Howes’ about the video for “Crease Fusion”, a mix of analog video generators and digital effects. Howes discusses his early involvement with electronic music and concept behind the video.

Wizard Sleeve: Beat Emporium Vol. 3

1. Jasper – Zoom
2. Portico Quartet – Steepless (Theoish Remix)
3. King Of Hearts – Santa’s Techno Hornpipe
4. Tjorven – 500%
5. Semiotics – Moda
6. Happy Cat – Coffee Eyes
7. Lisson – Pesky
8. Capeface – Treehouse
9. Bodhi Glitch – As Quiet Will Form

Autechre: Exai

1. FLeure
2. irlite (get 0)
3. prac-f
4. jatevee C
5. T ess xi
6. vekoS
7. Flep
8. tuinorizn
9. bladelores
10. 1 1 is
11. nodezsh
12. runrepik
13. spl9
14. cloudline
15. deco Loc
16. recks on
17. YJY UX

Annie Hall

Annie Hall is DJ and producer originally from Madrid. She’s now based in Windsor, Canada on the border facing the Detroit skyline where she lives and
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Dntel is the work of Jimmy Tamborello, a producer based in California who’s responsible for the Postal Service and the electropop outfit Figurine. On June 4th
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Eskmo: We Got More/Moving Glowstream

1. We Got More [Video Edit]
2. Moving Glowstream [Amon Tobin Remix]
3. Moving Glowstream [Slugabed Remix]
4. We Got More [Throwing Snow Remix]
5. We Got More [Kilon Tek Remix]
6. We Got More [Loops Haunt 35K^^0 Remix]
7. Moving Glowstream [Savile’s K-House Mix]