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Akkord: Akkord

If Paul Woolford’s Special Request project was a red carpet event, flanked by flashing bulbs and screaming public, then Akkord’s debut long player is the stealthy
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Heralding from Leeds, Samir Alikhanizadeh aka ‘Happa‘ is stirring up quite a scene in the UK Bass scene. Still only in his mid-teens his productions are
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Author: Author

1. Turn (Feat. Ed Thomas)
2. Sun
3. Revolutions
4. Green & Blue (Feat. Ben Glass)
5. Dashiki
6. Mothership
7. Fix
8. Drain


Man­ches­ter based artist Indigo has been blur­ring the ethe­real bound­aries of Elec­tron­ica since his first 12″ release on his own label ‘Mind­set’ in 2008. While some
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Blue Daisy: The Sunday Gift

1. Distance (Once Upon A Time)
2. Firewall (feat. Anneka)
3. Fallin’ (Prelude)
4. Fallin’ (feat. Heidi Vogel)
5. Descend
6. Shadow Assassins
7. Psyche Inquiry (feat. Hey!Zeus)
8. Raindance
9. Interlude
10. Only For You (feat. Stac)
11. Spinning Channels (feat. Anneka)
12. The End

Sully: Carrier

1. It’s Your Love
2. 2Hearts
3. In Some Pattern
4. Encona
5. let You Know
6. Scram
7. I Know
8. Trust
9. Bonafide
10. Exit