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Slugabed: Time Team

1. New Worlds
2. Sex
3. All This Time
4. Moonbeam Rider
5. Trave Sweets
6. Unicorn Suplex
7. Dragon Drums
8. Mountains Come Out Of The Sky
9. Grandma Paints Nice
10.Climbing A Tree
11. Earth Claps
12. It’s When The Future Falls Plop On Your Head


Christian Andersen aka XI has crafted and evolved a sound all his own in a mix that uniquely demonstrates his highly sought after talent. A journey
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Los Angeles, synonymous with western opulence and a graphic example of the cultural divide found all over the United States, has always been a cultural hotbed
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Japan is a country steeped in tradition and new artistic horizons, few would consider it a hub for dance music aficionado’s but that’s all about to
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Bwana: On & Over

1. It Ain’t Done Til It’s Over
2. When There’s Nothing Left
3. Sleeping In
4. It Ain’t Done Til It’s Over (XI Remix)
5. When There’s Nothing Left (Jack Dixon Remix)
6. It Ain’t Done Til It’s Over (Sibian & Faun Remix)

Plug: Back On Time

1. Scar City
2. Feeling So Special
3. Come On My Skeleton
4. No Reality
5. A Quick Plug For A New Slot
6. Mind Bending
7. Back On Time
8. Yes Man
9. Drum N Bass
10. Flight 78

Background Sound: Close EP

1. Close
2. Good by You
3. Close (Blue Daisy Closed Emotions Remix)
4. Close (Lapalux Remix)
5. Close (Duffstep Remix)


The Immerse label has long been a healthy barometer for Bristol’s creative avant-garde, and the debut from Outboxx didn’t disappoint. Since we reviewed their debut release
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Adam Jackson AKA Kidkut, label boss of Immerse Records has been heavily involved in Bristol’s dubstep scene from the get-go, putting on nights alongside dubstepforum moderator
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Reso: Ishimura

1. Ishimura
2. Vanquish
3. Ishimura (Evol Intent Remix)
4. Ishimura (Drop the Lime’s Dark Tunnel Remix)

Author: Author

1. Turn (Feat. Ed Thomas)
2. Sun
3. Revolutions
4. Green & Blue (Feat. Ben Glass)
5. Dashiki
6. Mothership
7. Fix
8. Drain