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This week’s mix is a long time coming – so much so that we thought that the mere thought of it existing was just a fleeting dream in the forests of our mind – but lo and behold – the one and only Shed has stepped up to provide a sensational mix.

Newtype Rhythms: On a trip with PTU

Newtype Rhythms snatched up Trip’s Moscow-based duo PTU for a mix on their show on Newtown Radio in NYC. We’re pairing their excellent mix with a quick chat ahead of their debut EP being released in April.

Zenker Brothers look back at 10 years of Ilian Tape

With the release of their new compilation – A Decade Ilian Tape – featuring artists from past, present…or just stopping by (Hi, “Seelow”) – the Zenker Brothers have provided Inverted Audio with an excellent primer of the label’s catalogue.


This week’s mix comes from Krakow’s very own Olivia – one of the DJs from the Chrono Bross and Radar collectives as well as being an Unsound Festival favourite.

GIL talks up ‘Orchids & Wasps’

Following the release of Gil Schneider’s ‘Orchids & Wasps’ EP on Aïsha Devi’s record label Danse Noire, Mitch Strashnov caught up with the Berlin based producer to discuss his craft and the makings of his debut release.

Unsound Festival 2016

Unsound has made Krakow the crown jewel of an experience that only adds to walking, driving, taking a tram to seeing someone like Senyawa spook their audience to their very core, or seeing Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein bring out one’s inner-child when they played their works from Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Shifted: Appropriation Stories

Appropriation Stories is one of the top Shifted works to date – providing everything fans and new listeners could want out of a techno album, while not trying to vacillate between the dancefloor and a headphone listen. It has terrific balance, exudes confidence and packs a mean punch with silk sheets surrounding it.