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Mix Tape: Inner Surface Music (AnD)

We caught up with production duo AnD to discuss the makings and operations of UK based techno imprint Inner Surface Music. AnD also select a 10 track playlist featuring music from Sunil Sharpe, Eomac, Grey Branches, Yuji Kondo and more.

Mix Tape: Jane Fitz

Ahead of secretsundaze this Bank Holiday Sunday we caught up with Jane Fitz to discuss her experience in running her parties Peg and Night Moves. She also discusses her new role at Kristina Records and selects 10 tracks.

Mix Tape: Fort Romeau

Mike Greene shares details about the makings of his new album ‘Insides’ on Ghostly international and discusses how it differs to his debut ‘Kingdoms’ on 100% Silk.

Mix Tape: OOBE

OOBE discusses his approach to creating music ahead of VENT on Thursday 19th February and provides a 10 track YouTube Mix Tape featuring tracks from Aniello, Velvet Underground, Nirvana, Actress, Vaghe Stelle and more.

Baba Stiltz Mix Tape: TOTAL

Baba Stiltz discusses his new album ‘TOTAL’ released on Studio Barnhus and selects his top 10 YouTube videos, including Beetle Juice snorting coke, the fall of Vanilla Ice and a Korean chicken noodle soup recipe.

Mix Tape: Tripeo

Tripeo aka Darko Esser talks about his new ‘Nargy’ 12″ for Clone Basement Series. He also selects ten of his all time favourite tracks.

Paul White Mix Tape: Shaker Notes

Paul White discusses the makings of his new album ‘Shaker Notes’, plus his relationship with Peckham in South East London. Paul White has also compiled a 10 track YouTube Mix Tape, featuring music from The Beatles, J Dilla, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Chris Isaak and more.

Mix Tape: Am Kinem

Am Kinem, previously Funkycan, discusses his forthcoming record “Mavi Soult Pt.1” on Damiano Von Erckert’s ava imprint and compiles a 10 track mixtape featuring Lee Scratch Perry, RAG, Steve Reich, Aphex Twin, Hype Williams, DJ Rashad, Gang Starr, Zomby and more.

Mix Tape: Cosmin TRG

Cosmin TRG discusses playing back to back with Efdemin ahead of Make Me this Saturday at Corsica Studio and puts together a mix tape featuring music from STL, Planetary Assault System, Rrose, Truss, Porter Ricks and more.

Deep House Introspective VI: Mixtape

In his final chapter, Tom Faber compiles a playlist of slow, largely melancholic house tracks more suitable for meditation than the dancefloor.

Christian Löffler Mix Tape: Young Alaska

We caught up with Christian Löffler to discover what exactly helped shape his new album ‘Young Alaska’ and how he compares it with his previous album ‘A Forest’. Christian has also compiled a 10 track downtempo mix tape featuring music from colo, Daughter, Dave DK, Rumpistol, Kiasmos and more.

Mix Tape: Dave DK

We shot some questions over to Dave DK ahead of his performance in London to see what he’s been up to, and what the future holds for him. Dave has also compiled a 10 track ambient and electronica mix tape featuring Clara Moto, Adolf Noise, Boards Of Canada, Apparat, Ulrich Schnauss and more.

Mix Tape: Habits of Hate

In their first interview feature together, Inverted Audio speaks to Habits of Hate, Happa and Manni Dee, about their upcoming debut release on Electronic Explorations, their production process and the effect of geography on music. They’ve also compiled a 15 track Mix Tape featuring William Basinski, Blur, Skirt, Regis and more.

Mix Tape: Pariah

Ahead of Make Me’s loft party this Saturday with Pariah and Pangaea, we caught up with Pariah to ask him about his approach to playing back to back and if we can expect any new material this year. Pariah has also compiled a 10 track Mix Tape for you to stream.

Sculpture Mix Tape: Membrane Pop

We caught up with audio / visual duo Sculpture ahead of the release of their new album ‘Membrane Pop’ on Oneohtrix Point Never’s Software Recording Company in May. Sculpture have also compiled an experimental mix tape for you to stream.