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Lucas Croon: Schlachthof Aufnahmen

Part of Stabil Elite, The Kloom and half of BAR duo, Lucas Croon has practiced his talents quite a bit before finally engaging for a solo release on Düsseldorf’s premium platform Themes For Great Cities. Schlachthof Aufnahmen rubber stamps Croon’s versatility whilst showing a special knack for morphing complex instrumental buildups into beguiling ear candies.

Boliden: Surfaces

Chances are that the new album “Surfaces” by Barcelona based producer Boliden will be one of the most beautiful albums released this year. More importantly than that though, it is an album which gets deeper with each listen, placing it well outside any simple genre or vibe categorisation.

The Pilotwings: Les Portes Du Brionnais

After an adulterous excursion on Macadam Mambo, Lyon-based duo The Pilotwings return to BFDM with ‘Les Portes Du Brionnais’, an eleven-track debut LP exploring a wide range of styles including syncopated weed-stank grooves, zouk and Japanese exotica motifs as well as other cosmic oddities.

Christian Löffler

Christian Löffler serves up a deep mix featuring Pantha Du Prince, Ripperton, WhoMadeWho and discusses his new album ‘Mare’, released via Ki Records. He also speaks up about his upcoming audio-visual live show for Avant Garde in London.