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Lapti: V Tiraj

Lapti surpasses the cut-and-paste schemes to offer a cohesive and almost organic journey through fully synthetic stratums of sound. A combination of ethereal beauty and melodic tour de force.


Grant discusses his new album ‘The Acrobat’ and offers a mix of the tracks he was listening to whilst recording the album, resulting in a scopious mix afar from sparkle and sequins, ranging from ambient scapes, hip-hop to kraut classics.

D.K. | 45 ACP

L.I.E.S. affiliate D.K. aka 45 ACP serves up a chill and suave mix full of exotica-laced, ’80s-inflected grooves, Afro beat percussions and smooth synth melodies.

Ptaki: Przelot

The duo blend popular Polish songs from the ’70-80s together with contemporary rhythms like the trappy hats and hipopisms of Za Daleki Sen and the result is equal in functional bizarreness to the unlikelihood of the encounter.

DJ Koze reveals all about DJ Kicks

We spoke to DJ Koze over Skype to find out more about his unique approach to compiling the 50th edition of the DJ Kicks series. – “I did it in one take, with a hip-shake you know.”

Gonno: A Life In Clarinet

There is a temptation to wave around statements of hierarchical quality when assessing a piece like A Life In Clarinet when put up against its label catalogue companions. This would be an unfair, as the sheer range offered by International Feel allows every release to stand distinct.

Mix Tape: Fort Romeau

Mike Greene shares details about the makings of his new album ‘Insides’ on Ghostly international and discusses how it differs to his debut ‘Kingdoms’ on 100% Silk.


Fin Greenall discusses Fink’s early beginnings, growing up in Bristol, discovering electronic music in Leeds, his own label R’COUP’D and life in Berlin. Fink’s mix reflects the electronic music that he likes to listen at home, and in the clubs of Berlin.

Desert Sound Colony

Scissor & Thread producer Desert Sound Colony delivers a classic warm-up set, a fresh blend of music for the club and home.

Best Albums of 2014

Vanguard, dark, excessive, fun, bold, touching, innovative, game-changing…it’s time for us to announce our album of the year.