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Christian Löffler

Christian Löffler serves up a deep mix featuring Pantha Du Prince, Ripperton, WhoMadeWho and discusses his new album ‘Mare’, released via Ki Records. He also speaks up about his upcoming audio-visual live show for Avant Garde in London.

Mixtape: Montezumas Rache & Dominik Von Senger

Montezumas Rache and Dominik Von Senger’s soberly-titled ‘EP’ has a lot to offer with its mind-bending elixir of eerie funk, ambientish tropes and drawn bars of mesmeric kraut grooves. We sat back with the triplet to find out more about their one-off studio session, MZR’s raison d’être and asked them to select some of their most influential cuts.

James K talks up “PET”

Ahead of the release of James K eagerly-awaited debut long-player “PET”, we took the chance to find out more about her creative modus operandi and the symbolisms at work behind the album plus her long-haul artistic evolution.

Ewan Jansen: Lost Embers EP

It happens that a release strikes such a sensitive chord that it makes you want to devour the whole artist’s catalogue in a row but more rarely does it make up for lost time so impressively.

Sinner DC: MEG/CDG

Minus the overbearing concept surrounding it, MEG / CDG presents itself as a solid if not spectacular point of continuation in Sinner DC’s fairly extensive discography.

BAR: L.A. Düsseldorf

If ‘Welcome to Bar’ offered a beguiling seven-track slab brewing mellifluous kraut tropes with heliotropic synth-pop in a fragile – road movie style, black and white scenario, this remix EP awakens its delicate melodies with particular class.

Tolouse Low Trax: Rushing Into Water

Tolouse Low Trax’s first instalment on Düsseldorf Themes For Great Cities spawns its own frame of significance; scripting industrial tempo automatisms and duplicated instrumental close-ups all the while shaping unexplored sound-dimensions from scratch.

Raw M.T.

Grab your party hat and pop the streamers, we’re celebrating our 200th mix with a very special delivery, courtesy of one of our most favourite producers from the last couple of years aka epic lo-fi pyrotechnist and husky scrum-wrecker Raw M.T.

Lapti: V Tiraj

Lapti surpasses the cut-and-paste schemes to offer a cohesive and almost organic journey through fully synthetic stratums of sound. A combination of ethereal beauty and melodic tour de force.


Grant discusses his new album ‘The Acrobat’ and offers a mix of the tracks he was listening to whilst recording the album, resulting in a scopious mix afar from sparkle and sequins, ranging from ambient scapes, hip-hop to kraut classics.

D.K. | 45 ACP

L.I.E.S. affiliate D.K. aka 45 ACP serves up a chill and suave mix full of exotica-laced, ’80s-inflected grooves, Afro beat percussions and smooth synth melodies.