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Sula Bay: Odabo EP

Welsh born Sula Bay’s debut EP throws us deep into the mind of a 19 year-old girl living in London. With a passion for experimentation and the overt desire to express through sound, Sula’s music contains poetic mutterings of past and present experiences, coupled with purposefully disorientated synths.

Francis Harris On Minutes Of Sleep

In our latest film we speak to the American producer Francis Harris about his new album “Minutes Of Sleep” released last month via Scissor & Thread.

Francis Harris: Minutes of Sleep

Through an innovative approach to recording and production, Francis Harris has demonstrated versatility within the frameworks of house and ambient music that is seldom executed with such finesse.

Actress: Ghettoville

As a reviewer tasked with picking apart the numerous enigmatic strands of Actress’ fourth and potentially final record, it’s tempting to cross-examine it with that infuriatingly cryptic
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Wizard Sleeve: Beat Emporium Vol. 3

1. Jasper – Zoom
2. Portico Quartet – Steepless (Theoish Remix)
3. King Of Hearts – Santa’s Techno Hornpipe
4. Tjorven – 500%
5. Semiotics – Moda
6. Happy Cat – Coffee Eyes
7. Lisson – Pesky
8. Capeface – Treehouse
9. Bodhi Glitch – As Quiet Will Form


Monokle is the alias of Vlad Kudryavtsev, a musician and producer from St Petersburg, Russia. Monokle has been releasing his own blend of downtempo electronica since 2006,
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Holy Other: Held

1. (W)here
2. Tense Past
3. Inpouring
4. Love Some1
5. U Now
6. In Difference
7. Past Tension
8. Held
9. Nothing Here

Blue Daisy

Too often in electronic music, artists are lauded for their evasion of genre placement, or their ability to incorporate conventions that are allied to a wide
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7even Recordings

Based in France and run by DJ and promoter Greg G, 7even Recordings has been pushing some of the more abstract and interesting permutations to come
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Throwing Snow

Ross Tones aka Throwing Snow is a music evangelist. Not only does he produce music as Throwing Snow, he also holds down a day job at
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Xaver von Treyer

Xaver Von Treyer, formerly Naudascher, should be familiar to any self-respecting fan of the dark, treacherous boundaries between disco and techno. Over the past six years,
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