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Los Angeles, synonymous with western opulence and a graphic example of the cultural divide found all over the United States, has always been a cultural hotbed
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REKchampa is the moniker of Stefan Ringer, a producer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Stefan produces downtempo beat driven experimental hip-hop, taking influence from a variety of
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Memotone: Lost Hours EP

1. Lost Hours
2. Four Minute Hallway feat. Leafcutter John
3. Small Good Things
4. Slowly They Creep

Apparat: The Devil’s Walk – A Short Film

1. Sweet Unrest
2. Song of Los
3. Black Water
4. Goodbye
5. Candil De La Calle
6. The Soft Voices Die
7. Escape
8. Ash/Black Veil
9. A Bang in the Void
10. Your House Is My World


Seams AKA Jami Welch has been causing a right old stir in the realms of electronica over the past year. With three releases under his belt,
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Lucky Paul: The Slow Ground EP

1. Clouds
2. Thought We Were Alone
3. Slow Ground
4. Demon Spawn
5. Thought We Were Alone (Gang Colours Remix)
6. Thought We Were Alone (Eliphino Remix)
7. Thought We Were Alone (G$ vs Gold Remix)

The Sight Below

In 2008 The Sight Below released his debut album ‘Glider‘ on Ghostly International. Since then it’s been well-received in selected experimental/ambient circles and in the music
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Samiyam: Sam Baker’s Album

1. Escape
2. Bedtime
3. Pressure
4. Bricks
5. Already
6. Frosting Packets
7. Kitties
8. Where Am I
9. Cushion
10. Turtles
11. My Buddy
12. No Dinner
13. Understanding
14. Wonton Special
15. Taco Delay
16. Lifesized Stuffed Animal
17. Sometimes

Red Snapper

Red Snapper is to be considered by many as one of the most forward thinking and intuitive live / electronic fusion bands of the past 2
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TOKiMONSTA: Creature Dreams EP

1. Fallen Arches
2. Little Pleasures feat. Gavin Turek
3. Bright Shadows
4. Moving Forward
5. Stigmatizing Sex
6. Darkest (Dim) feat. Gavin Turek
7. Day Job