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Christian Andersen aka XI has crafted and evolved a sound all his own in a mix that uniquely demonstrates his highly sought after talent. A journey
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Monki AKA Lucy Monkman may still be in her teens, but she’s already established herself to be a key asset of Rinse FM‘s operations, having landed
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T.Williams is a West London based producer with his root’s buried in Jungle, Drum & Bass and Garage. At the age of 13 he began music
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DJ Slow

Pelican Fly has in a relatively short time become a crucial source for hype tracks designed for dancefloor annihilation. Their first two releases showcased some of
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Bok Bok: Night Slugs

1.   ALTERED NATIVES – Voyage [Bosconi]
2.   LAZER SWORD – Batman (LANDO KAL remix) [Stones Throw]
3.   BODDIKA – Underground
4.   COOLY G & DVA – Oi Dirty [forthcoming Dub Organiser]
5.   PEARSON SOUND – Deep Inside Refix
6.   DUBBEL DUTCH – Darq
7.   DJ TAMEIL – Back It Up (MIKE Q Ego edit) (BB strip)
8.   F – Slowdown
9.  FIEDEL – Doors To Manual [Ostgut Ton]
10.  HINDZY D – Shrapnel [Lix Corruptions, Sting Recordings]
11. JAM CITY – Arpjam VIP
12. DJ DEEON – Time To Work [Ghetto Test]
13. LIL SILVA – Shutter
14. Unknown – Unknown
15. INSTRA:MENTAL – Voyeur
16. YOUNGSTAR – The Forumla [DDJS]
17. BOK BOK – Look At Me dub
18. T. WILLIAMS – Can We (Tatankey Mix) (BB edit)
19. RAW MILK – Spreo Superbus [forthcoming Numbers]
20. KINGDOM – Let You No
21. KATY B – Lights On (GIRL UNIT Instrumental)
22. DB-X – Flying Saucer [Accelerate]
23. POINT 5 – Feeling Dizzy [Baainar Records]

Sub Swara: Triggers

1. In Ether
2. October
3. Speak my Language
4. Bend You
5. Vagabond Knowledge
6. Future Fresh
7. Schemes
8. Steam
9. Bird of Paradise
10. Tambores
11. _55 Flow
12. Fire Up
13. The Ripple
14. Nectar