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The Long Now: An Ode to Architectural and Sonic Magnitude

This is our report of “The Long Now” hosted at Kraftwerk Berlin, a place for the enduring present, comprising over thirty hours of concerts, audio-visual installations and live electronic performances, which the public are invited to experience in many ways: be it listening, watching or even sleeping to them.

Ashes To Ashes: Verge talks up debut EP for Avian ‘Emblematic Ruin’

Avian are on the cusp of releasing their next instalment, an eight-track drone/dark ambient affair courtesy of Irish newcomer Andre Gough aka Verge. Titled ‘Emblematic Ruin’, Gough’s debut makes for a compelling break from 4/4 functionality and other beaconed, trussed-up audio terrains.

GIL talks up ‘Orchids & Wasps’

Following the release of Gil Schneider’s ‘Orchids & Wasps’ EP on Aïsha Devi’s record label Danse Noire, Mitch Strashnov caught up with the Berlin based producer to discuss his craft and the makings of his debut release.


Part of the exciting new wave of talents that’s been unfurling over Montreal as of late and more notably the up-and-coming Temple label which they set up alongside Adam Feingold and R. Wong, Variant step up to deliver a ferocious mix of hard-nosed techno, industrial rhythms and dubby flexions.

Berlin Atonal 2016

Berlin Atonal is a Pandora’s box, bringing forth a wide array of expectations before it was even open. We were fortunate enough to attend the festival in Berlin Mitte and witness at first hand cutting-edge performances. Here’s our day-by-day report.

Dan Hayhurst: Critter Party

Where Sculpture come across as a kaleidoscopic exaggeration of our media saturated milieu: audio collage, noise and sleek techno built into a strange overdriven universe, Critter Party latches onto the human at the centre of it.

Beatrice Dillon / Karen Gwyer

The new Beatrice Dillon / Karen Gwyer split is a study in the ways a track can be pulled apart and reconstructed, a split release that does that rare thing of presenting two artists sonically distinct but somehow connected through concept.

Unsound Dislocation Project: Announcement part 2

After unveiling a first wave of names for their Dislocation Project which is said to focus on “exploring the collapsed relationship between periphery and centre, the shifting idea of borders, and the specificity of place”, Unsound just revealed the second part of the events’ line-up, which’ll be staggered between 2016 and 2018 all around the globe.

Unsound Toronto x Luminato Festival

A wave of furious, dusted-up and dishevelled splendour that came over the Hearn Generating Station in Toronto on the weekend June 10th – as the venerable festival institution Unsound was invited to curate two days worth of programming at a venue that came off as a vast, dystopian wonderland.